kendo ui dropdownlist mvc

kendo ui dropdownlist

Hello everyone, i'm going to share the code sample for create Kendo UI DropDownList

Table of Constants

1. Kendo ui  Dropdownlist by using MVC API and jquery.

2. Kendo ui  Dropdownlist by using MVC 5 and MVC ViewBag

Kendo ui dropdownlist by using API and jquery

 public class TenantController : Controller
        public IEnumerable<Tenant> GetTenants()
            List<Tenant> objTenant = new List<Tenant>();
                objTenant = GetTenantFormDB().ToList();
                ViewBag.Tenant = objTenant;
            catch (Exception ex) {
             //TODO: log error in db.
            return objTenant;


        optionLabel: "Please select a tenant...",
        dataTextField: "Name",
        dataValueField: "ID",
        dataSource: {
            type: "json",
            serverFiltering: true,
            transport: {
                read: "http://localhost:80/API/Tenant/GetTenants"
        change: function change(e) {
            //TODO : bindCompanyByTenantId(this._selectedValue);

The url (http://localhost:80/API/Tenant/GetTenants) call the API controller and return back the result and bind data source.

Kendo ui  dropdownlist by using MVC 5 and MVC ViewBag

    .HtmlAttributes(new { })
    .OptionLabel("Please select a tenant...")

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