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javascript interview questions and answers

javascript interview questions and answers

  1. This is first example of java script(answer..) 
  2. Get the url of the parent page using java script(answer..) 
  3. Remove href-link at the run time from a any page using java script(answer..) 
  4. How to show the prompt-box using java script (answer..) 
  5. How to find the special characters using java script(answer..) 
  6. Show day-of-week using java script(answer..) 
  7. How to show the confirm-box using java script(answer..) 
  8. Validate a form using java script(answer..) 
  9. What is the use of eval() method and floor() method in java script(answer..) 
  10. What is the use of join() and isNAN() method in java script(answer..) 
  11. Can you tell me about methods in java script(answer..) 
  12. How to use a loop in java script(answer..) 
  13. What is the continue and break statement in java script(answer..) 
  14. Explain the java script Math(), String, Number object method(answer..) 
  15. What is the use of createTextNode() method in java script(answer..) 
  16. What is the use of blure() and assign() method(answer..) 
  17. What is the use of link() in java script(answer..) 
  18. What is the use of createPopup() and open() method(answer..) 
  19. What is the use of blink() method(answer..) 
  20. What is the use of print() method(answer..) 
  21. How to send an email using java script(answer..) 
  22. What is the unit user time on a page(answer..) 
  23. How to show the digital-clock in the status line using java script(answer..) 
  24. What is the use of sup() and sort() method(answer..) 
  25. Example of calculator in java script(answer..) 
  26. How to upload an image using java script (answer..) 
  27. How to display clock on button(answer..) 
  28. How to show the popup window onmousover(answer..) 
  29. How to use the cookie in java script (answer..) 
  30. How to increase or decrease the image size(answer..) 
  31. How to open a popup in the java script(answer..) 
  32. How to generate the Uni-Code(answer..) 
  33. How to disable the mouse right click(answer..) 
  34. How to create animated frame using java script(answer..) 
  35. What is the use of pow() in java script(answer..)
  36. What is the use of slice() in java script(answer..)


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