group by multiple columns in linq to sql c#

group by multiple columns in linq to sql c#

This is basically used for "How to Group By multiple columns in LINQ to SQL?"

public IEnumerable<UsageAlerts> GetUsageAlerts(int UserID, int AccountID)
      DALUse ObjDalUse = new DALUse();
      Mapper mapper = new Mapper();
      List<UsageAlerts> usedAlerts = mapper.MapDALUsageAlerts2BAL(ObjDalUse.getAllUsageAlerts(UserID, AccountID));

     List<UsageAlerts> userUsages = (from used in usedAlerts
                              group used by used.ProductServiceId into res
                              select new UsageAlerts
                                 UsageIncluded = res.Sum(l => l.UsageIncluded),
                                 UsedUnit = Convert.ToString(res.Sum(m => int.Parse(m.UsedUnit))),
                                 Product = Convert.ToString(res.Max(l => l.Product)),
                                 ProductServiceId = res.Key
    return userUsages;



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