How knockout js different from MVC ?

How knockoutJs different from MVC?

1.       KnockoutJs is a MVVM pattern.
2.       MVC is a design pattern.
3.       Knockoutjs work like connected mode.
4.       MVC work like disconnected mode.
5.       Knockoutjs supported two types of binding
a.       One-way binding
b.       Two-way binding
6.       MVC supported only one-way binding.
7.       In Knockoutjs, UI part automatically update when your data model update.
8.       In MVC, not update UI automatically when your data model update. Need event to call data model and update it.
9.       In MVC, model part directly binds with the view page.
10.   In KnockoutJs, model part is not directly bind with the view page. Model directly binds with the view-model and view-model directly with the view page.


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