Generate an abbreviation form a string in JavaScript using regular expressions?

Abbreviation of a string in JavaScript using a Regular Expressions

Table of Contents
  1. HTML View for Description textarea
  2. JavaScript methods and call onkeyup 

For example, when we type ccc and press the space key that time [ccc => conference call with customer]. here the value of ccc is predefined the array list. 

<textarea id="txtDescription" onkeyup="return checkAbbreviationKey(event)"></textarea>

JavaScript methods and call onkeyup 

function checkAbbreviationKey(evt) {
    var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : event.keyCode
        if (charCode == 32) {          
            var charStr =\S+/g)
            var abbreviations = isAbbreviations();               
            if (abbreviations.length > 0) {
               for(var index in abbreviations) {
                   var reg = new RegExp("\\b" + abbreviations[index].Anchor + "\\b", "g");
                   if (charStr[charStr.length - 1].match(reg)) {
                       charStr[charStr.length - 1] = abbreviations[index].ExpandedText;
              = charStr.join(" ");

function isAbbreviations() {
    var abbreviationsList = ConstraintsList();        
    return abbreviationsList;


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