Sorting an Observable Array in Knockout JS

Sorting an Observable Array in Knockout JS

Hi All, I'm going to explain to sorting an observable array in knockoutJS

Today's, I have a requirement for sorting an observable array with respect to the date as give below example.

The below code sample are working most of the browsers (IE, Mozilla, and Firefox etc.)

In the 1st step, code-sample for knockout Js

Example :

<script type="text/javascript" lang="ja">
    // This observable-array contains to 3 user objects.
    var userDetails = ko.observableArray([
        { name: "Anil Singh", date: "10/03/1984" },
        { name: "Sunil Singh", date: "05/04/1990" },
        { name: "Sushil Singh", date: "13/06/1999" }

    //sort observable array to date wise entries.
    userDetails .sort(function (l, r) {
        return (Date.parse( == Date.parse( ? 0 : 
                                               (Date.parse( > Date.parse( ? -1 : 1))



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