sorting array in JavaScript

Hi All, I'm going to explain to sorting array in JavaScript.

Today's, I have a requirement to sorting array using JavaScript.

JavaScript have to Array.sort() method is default ascending order.

var empArray = ['x', 'a', 'z', ‘b’];

//Output: a, b, x and z.

These Code samples are working on mostly all browsers (IE, Mozilla, and Firefox etc.)

In the 1st step, Code Sample for JavaScript sorting Array objects

<script type="text/javascript" lang="ja">
     //Employee array collections.
    var employeeArray = [
        { empName: "Anil", empEmail: "", empAge: 29 },
        { empName: "Sunil", empEmail: "", empAge: 22 },
        { empName: "Sushil", empEmail: "", empAge: 19 },
        { empName: "Reena", empEmail: "", empAge: 23 },
        { empName: "Tinko", empEmail: "", empAge: 20 }

    //Method : sorting by ascending order by Email
    function orderByEmpEmailAscending(p, q) {
        if (p.empEmail == q.empEmail) {
            return 0;
        } else if (p.empEmail > q.empEmail) {
            return 1;
        return -1;
    //Method : sorting by ascending order by Age
    function orderByEmpAgeAscending(p, q) {
        return p.empAge - q.empAge;

    //Used to array.sort() method.


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