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send email using JavaScript

send email using JavaScript

I am going to share the code sample for send email using JavaScript in MVC 5

Today's, I have a requirement to send the error report by default email in all browsers using JavaScript.

In the 1st step, Write the JavaScript code sample.

 $('.div_confimpopup').find('.btn_SendReport').click(function () {

//Need to send the error detail to support team with error details.
   var mesgDetails = 'mailto:s[email protected]?subject=' + 'UserName : ' + username
            + '  ||  SubscriptionId : ' +subscriptionId
    + '&body=' + 'UserName : ' + username
                   + ',  SubscriptionId : ' + subscriptionId
                   + ',  RequestURL : ' + requestURL
                   + ',  Error Message : ' + internalErrorMsg;

   window.location.href= mesgDetails;  return;

Notes: After click on Send Report open to default email(Outlook) per-populated  To: [email protected] 

Subject : UserName : [email protected] || SubscriptionId : sub001

Body : UserName : [email protected]SubscriptionId : sub001,
          RequestURL : ''
          Error Message : ''value' is null or not an object'


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