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What's New in ASP.NET MVC 5?

The MVC is a framework, standard pattern for developing Web applications and MVC framework handled by three objects Model, View and Controller.

MVC 5 Key Features -
1.      One ASP.NET
2.      ASP.NET Identity
3.      Bootstrap
4.      Authentication filters
5.      Filter overrides
6.      Attribute routing

In detail -
1.      MVC 5 introduced to ASP.NET Identity for authentication and identity management.
2.      ASP.NET Identity is a new Membership provider to handle the authentication and authorization for social networking site just like Google, twitter, face-book etc.
3.      MVC 5 added  to authentication filters for authenticate to users using  third party authentication provider or your custom logic by using filter override methods and now we can override to filters on  method and  controller both.
4.      MVC 5 replaced to bootstrap by using the default template.
5.      MVC 5 added new to Attribute Routing [Route ("Empolyee/{EmpID}")].

Example for Routing code and it looks like- Attribute routing work with both ActionResult and Controller i.e.

public class CompanyController : BaseAPIController
    public ActionResult GetEmployeeById(string EmpId)
        //TODO: Put your logic here.    
        return View();
Reference -The useful link for MVC 5

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