jquery and MVC 4.

show hide div using Knockoutjs jquery in mvc 4

Hello everyone,

I'm going to share the code sample of show hide div (content menu) using Knockoutjs and jquery in mvc 4.

I have a requirement to show the div onMouseOver and hide the div onMouseOut in Knockoutjs application.

Table of contents

1. show the div on-mouse-over from div.
2. hide the div on-mouse-out from div.

Here have two steps.
1. In the Step-1, code sample for view.
2. In the Step-2, code smple for viewModel.

Step-1 :   view 
code sample

    <ul data-bind="foreach: mDateTime">
               <ul data-bind="foreach: $root.matter.index.type()[$data]">
                    <div id="hover" onmouseover="onMouseOver(this)" onmouseout="onMouseOut(this)">
                      <a href="#" ><img src="~/path.jpg" data-bind="text: matterId" /></a>
                        <div id="box" style="display: none">                       
                                <a href="#">Edit</a>
                                <a href="#">Copy</a>
                                <a href="#">Delete</a>
                <li data-bind="text: matterTitle"></li>
                <li data-bind="text: matterComment"></li>

Step-2 : jQuery code sample

<script type="text/javascript">
    //Show the div onmouseover.
    function onMouseOver(obj) {
        var currentDiv = obj;
        var divToShow = $(currentDiv).next("#box");

    //Hide to div onmouseout
    function onMouseOut(obj) {



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