Insert Query in Linq to SQL

Insert Query in Linq to SQL

The below code sample is used to insert register user information using c# in linq to sql.

/// <summary>
/// Create user profile for new user.
 /// </summary>

public bool RegisterUser(string FirstName, string LastName, string Email,   string password, string Country, string ZipCode, string TimeZone)
            //TODO: We to need to run necesssary validation checks against argument.

            using (var dbContext = new        BMServices_AzureEntities(DataAccess.ConnectionStringManager.ConnectionString))
                core_Users newUser = new core_Users();

                newUser.firstName = FirstName;
                newUser.lastName = LastName;
                newUser.userEmail = Email;
                newUser.hashPassword = password;
                newUser.hashSalt = password;
                newUser.countryId = Convert.ToInt32(Country);
                newUser.zipCode = ZipCode;
                newUser.timeZoneId = Convert.ToInt32(TimeZone);
                newUser.disabled = false;


                return true;


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