Knockout js array IndexOf

What is IndexOf in KnockoutJs Array?


Using ArrayIndexOf, find the matched items from array collection. If array items are matched then returns true otherwise returns false.

For Example filter an observable array collection using indexOf().

 var filterAnArrayByArrayIndexOf = function (Text) {
           try {
               var filterText = Text.toLowerCase();         
               if (!filterText) {
                   return selectionList();
               else {
                   if (selectionList().length > 0) {
                       return ko.utils.arrayFilter(selectionList(), function (item) {
                           if (item.SelectionLabel.toLowerCase().indexOf(filterText) > -1 || item.SelectionDescription.toLowerCase().indexOf(filterText) > -1) {
                               return true;
                           else {
                              return false;
           catch (ex) {

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