authentication on a wcf rest service json

Authentication on a WCF REST Service using JSON Request

Hello everyone, I am going to share the code sample how rest service authenticate using JSON Request.

Table of Contents

  1. First added to request headers for rest service authenticate.
  2. Encrypt the username and password and added in the heder.
In Step 1

Need to add request headers to authenticate a wcf rest services using json request response. i.e.

beforeSend: function (xhr) 

   xhr.setRequestHeader("UserRoleId", "1");
   xhr.setRequestHeader('Authorization Basic ', authenticatedByRequestHeader(username, pwd));


In the 2nd Step

Need to encrypt username and password and sent with heeder responses. i.e.

var username = "";
var pwd = "validate";

function authenticatedByRequestHeader(username, pwd) 

   var token = 
username + ':' + pwd;
   var hashpwd = btoa(token);
   return hashpwd;


Example for Authenticate REST WCF Services using JSON AJAX

<script type="text/javascript">

var username = "";
var pwd = "authen@123#";

function authenticatedByRequestHeader(username, pwd) 
   var token = username ':' + pwd;
   var hashpwd = btoa(token);
   return hashpwd;

$(document).ready(function () {

url: "",
  type: "post",
  dataType: "json",
  data: {},
beforeSend: function (xhr) {
  xhr.setRequestHeader("UserRoleId", "1");
  xhr.setRequestHeader('Authorization Basic ', authenticatedByRequestHeader(username,  pwd));
},contentType: 'application/json',
success: function (result) {
  //Todo: if success, you implement your logic here..
error: function (jqXHR, txtStatus, errorsThrown) {
  var errorMsg = '';



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